How a style makeover can help you get ahead in business

Your uniform and all-round corporate style can play a huge part in how you feel and perform at work. A well-designed outfit or uniform can help you to look more professional, while reinforcing your company’s brand. 

If you're struggling to decide on what type of outfit would best suit you or would like some advice on how to create stylish and consistent uniforms for your employees, it might be time to book a style makeover at Shikkuu Guides.

Form the right impression on your clientele

 You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and uniforms play a key role in making sure the impression you give is the right one. A smart, on-brand uniform enhances the credibility of your staff when they are interacting with clientele, which helps to form that all-important bond of trust.

It is more crucial than you might realise to get your company’s corporate style right. If members of staff from a competitor are dressed more professionally than your own staff, potential clientele are more likely to approach them because they will perceive that company in a better light.

Here at Shikkuu Guides, our corporate style sessions can help to give your business that competitive edge. Our team of experts will assist you with the selection of fabrics, styles, colours and accessories that meet the needs of your business, while allowing you to choose a final uniform that will make your employees proud to turn up for work every morning.

Receive professional advice, not just a style makeover

 We also run interactive workshops that teach your staff how to dress to compliment fit and form, along with invaluable advice on personal grooming techniques.

After one of our sessions, staff will look and feel better about themselves, which is sure to bring a range of benefits to your business. You should notice an increase in the productivity of your staff, and they should also have the confidence to go out and make the right impression to potential clients, which could be vital for securing a key contract.

Our style makeover sessions can be adapted to suit all business needs and budgets, so it has never been easier to create a look that lets your brand shine. If you have any questions about these sessions, feel free to contact the Shikkuu Guides team now on 020 8531 4350.

Sale Time - Still the best colours for your winter wardrobe…

As we pace through this winter, along with the darker nights and colder temperatures, it might seem tempting to drag that plain winter coat that you've had for years out of the wardrobe or turn to that faded, yet comfortable pair of jeans to keep you warm.


However, the colder days do not have to stop you from showcasing your style. If you choose the right colours, you can make your outfit stand out in an often gloomy season especially now as we hit the sale period.




This colour is great for both autumn and winter. It matches the colour of the leaves that are usually around during the autumn, while also providing a vibrant yet subtle contrast to the darker skies that are commonplace during the winter. If you're looking for a versatile colour to bring your winter outfit to life, mustard is a great choice.




Given that this post is offering suggestions on how to make your wardrobe stand out during the winter months, this may seem like a counterproductive option. However, grey is an incredibly versatile colour that will look great when placed with a host of wardrobe options and skin tones. Pieces like grey jackets can be paired with more vibrant accessories, shirts and jumpers to create an eye-catching and modern look.

There are many shades of grey on the market, so it's important to experiment to find a shade you like.




When the cold weather bites and the darker nights set in, there is no better way to make your outfit stand out from the crowd than by investing in warming, comforting colours that will make you forget about the cold conditions – and this is where burgundy excels. Just like mustard, this colour can be used in the autumn and the winter and it is complementary to a range of skin tones.


However, if you're unsure whether burgundy pieces would suit your skin tone, why not bring some friends down to a Colour Party at Shikkuu Guides? Our stylists will be able to advise you and find colour combinations that complement your skin tone and body shape.


The best place to go for a colour consultation in London


When it comes to choosing the right colours for winter, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is where an expert colour consultation can help you to get on the right track.


Here at Shikkuu Guides, we are experts in the delivery of colour consultations in London, and can even accommodate group bookings. Our stylists will take the time to get to know you and offer you colour advice that will allow you to create a flattering wardrobe for tackling the winter months in style.


How to dress for work and still look on-trend!

How to dress for work and still look on-trend!

It’s a problem that faces most fashionistas: you put all your effort and hard-earned cash into curating a kick-ass wardrobe that you update as often as you can, only to have to resort to boring work clothes from Monday to Friday. If you’re one of those people who feel like they need a fashion makeover for work, don’t despair! It is possible to dress well for work without sacrificing your personal style and showing you know how to tap into the most current trends! Here’s our guide from what we’ve learned as a leading fashion stylist in London over the years:

Do your research
Of course the most important thing is protecting your job. Get out your job manual or speak to HR and make sure you know the dress rules in your office. Then, knowing the parameters you can work within, be imaginative! One of the biggest mistakes we make is looking at our co-workers to get an idea of what is encouraged as work attire. They probably have very different weekend wardrobes to you, so why copy them at work? If you’re safely within the rules and if you don’t stick out like a sore thumb, then you’re fine to experiment and express your personal style around that. Things like introducing colours and up-to-the-minute silhouettes can bring a work wardrobe bang up to date.

Check the runway reports with a work eye
Most high fashion magazines now publish separate runway reports every key season. Trawl through these with your work ‘head’ on and you’ll be surprised by how many shapes there are that are office-suitable and also on-trend. Culottes are still a fashion hit and are made for most workplaces; at more relaxed and less corporate offices you can perhaps get away with a silk jumpsuit which can look chic and still business-like. 

Embrace the pantsuit!
You may think that the women’s work suit – or pantsuit as they call it in the States – is the anti-thesis of on-trend, but think again! Thanks to the likes of Phoebe Philo at Cèline and US designer Tory Burch, the pantsuit is oh-so-relevant once again. This time round, think of a more slouchy cut and luxe fabrics.

Don’t forget accessories
We admit that it’s even more challenging to express your personal style at work if you have to wear a uniform, but this rule – which applies to those who don’t have to wear a uniform too – is your saving grace. Every style advisor in London will tell you about the transformative power of accessories. They can elevate an outfit from casual to glam and they can show you read the latest fashion glossies even if you’re just wearing a jeans and t-shirt. That makes them great for work, but it goes without saying that most workplaces are not going to like a lot of bling. Go understated, but be as bold and expressive as you can get away with!

Get expert help!
If, after all this, you’re still finding it a sartorial minefield, then help is at hand. Allow our London fashion stylist to overhaul your work wardrobe and you’ll turn your office corridors into a fashion runway in no time. Contact us to find out about our corporate makeovers for both women and men.








Can you groom yourself to work success?

You would have thought that ‘dress for success’ is a cheesy, out-dated concept in an age of dress-down, flexible working. With more companies taking an informal approach to work attire, perhaps being led by the Googleplex chilled-out office model or simply moving with the times, is the idea that how you look at work affects your success irrelevant nowadays?

It would seem not: a quick Google search of ‘corporate image grooming’ or similar search terms and you’ll see how many companies out there specialise in personal grooming for the professional workplace. Indeed, here at Shikkuu Guides, this is one of our services which is becoming increasingly in demand. Over and above our personal shopper services in London and stylists in London services, our makeover services include helping professional men and women achieve a personalised, groomed and business-savvy look which doesn’t sacrifice their personal style.

So is there science behind these services, no matter how in demand they may be? Can you really get further on in your career by paying such close attention to your appearance? Certainly it is still a widely held belief that there are various levels of appropriate business attire depending on the type of work situation. Get these wrong and you could well hamper your performance in an interview, presentation or average work day. No matter how informal the world may be getting in some ways, turn up to an average job interview in jeans and you’re unlikely to impress. Similarly, wearing a dress-down summer dress in a boardroom (or board shorts if you’re a guy!) when you’re pitching a new client probably won’t go down well.

The fact is that whether you’re trying to impress in the short term – in an interview or pitch – or over the long-term in your every-day job, your appearance does play a part, and probably always will. After all, humans communicate on a number of different levels, including taking into account how someone is presenting themselves physically and visually. In the same way that someone slumped at their desk staring into space indicates lethargy, so does someone who has given no thought to the way others see their clothes and general grooming in a professional setting.

Yet this is where it gets tricky. If we all accept that how we dress and groom ourselves can make a negative or positive impact, however minimal, to our professional success, how do we know how to practically incorporate this on a manageable day to day basis, specifically for our own professional lives?

This is where work style makeover services come into their own. Choose companies with consultants that have experience in this arena spanning different industries and job types (like us!) and you’ll get practical advice on how to present the best version of yourself relevant to your particular professional life now – and work goals in the future.

With advice as broad as how to update your wardrobe to be both current and timeless within your workplace (not easy, as you can imagine!), to as specific as which grooming products will help you appear polished yet save you time in the morning, we help people approach dressing and grooming for work with ease and confidence, ready to reach for success, with our women and men style makeover services.

John Galliano: the brand's repackaging and the designer's tentative comeback

If as a fan of fashion you have been following the recent catwalk sashaying of Paris Fashion Week then we hope you enjoyed our recent round-up of some of the highlights here on the Shikkuu Guides blog. One designer name you may be unsurprised to see didn’t make the cut was John Galliano, but in fact John Galliano still shows during Paris Fashion Week – but the brand, not the man.

So what is the latest in the Galliano world following the designer’s much-publicised anti-Semitic rant in a Paris café in 2011 and subsequent firing from the house which owned his label, Christian Dior?

Well in the wake of John Galliano’s hugely controversial behaviour, all captured on film by horrified patrons in the bar, it came as no surprise that the designer was forced out of the John Galliano brand. Some did express surprise, however, that his name still appeared above the door (as it were) of the fashion house. Perhaps that was unwise, given that the Dior-owned ‘John Galliano’ without the eponymous man at the helm has indeed struggled in the past few years.

While the industry has widely respected the efforts of Bill Gaytten, Galliano’s right-hand man who stepped up to the plate following his dismissal, it seems up until now those efforts have fallen short. When the brand shows at Paris Fashion Week, for example, it’s impact is ‘negligible’ (according to the NY Times).

This may be about to change, thanks to what its chief executive, Dominique de Longevialle calls a ‘resurgence’, but which can be more accurately termed a repackaging of the brand. The John Galliano house of today and into the future promises a new visual identity and a more contemporary business strategy, some predicting it will see the merging of internal lines to embrace a lower price point, as seen at Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham.

Meanwhile, what of the man John Galliano? From a personal standpoint, after a long hiatus (only partially self-imposed one suspects), Galliano has tentatively stepped back into the limelight, citing a life-long battle with alcoholism as the reason behind his rant, rather than true anti-Semitic feelings. Whether such pronouncements are ever enough to forgive such behaviour in many people’s eyes is another matter. (Dior ambassador Natalie Portman stands by her comment at the time that she found his words ‘disgusting’.) Professionally, he has also made steps towards a comeback, with last year seeing his appointment as creative director at Maison Margiela.

Time will tell what the future holds for Galliano the brand and Galliano the man, but given that the two are now poles apart and both looking to separately redefine themselves, it begs the question why the brand continues to confuse the messaging by sticking to what is still seen as a controversial name.