Be prepared for the spring fashion onslaught!

It’s such an exhausting thing to keep up to date with the latest developments on the international catwalks... and that’s if you have the time to do so at all. Given all of the anxiety prevailing in the UK right now about slightly more humdrum matters like jobs and money, your own engagement with fashion might extend to little more than the occasional magazine. It’s not the best way to ensure that you look great this spring – which is why you might consider consulting a London fashion stylist from Shikkuu Guides for advice.

Even when consulting a fashion stylist, there is no guarantee that you’ll learn much about the latest fashions, let alone discover which ones actually suit you and how to make more informed buying decisions independently in the future. All too often, a style makeover looks so much better on paper than it ends up being in reality. Unfortunately, there are some ‘fashion advisors’ and ‘personal stylists’ out there who have already made all of your clothing choices for you, even before you say anything to them about your own preferences and requirements.

Increasingly, people like you are realising this. You might not have the time to read about the most outrageous up-to-the-minute fashions, but one thing that you do know is that a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy from your fashion stylist in London will simply not do. That’s why, the moment you call Shikkuu Guides about our personal shopping or styling services, we’ll provide you with a style consultation to establish what precisely you want to achieve. You can then choose which of our services is right for you, whether that’s our personal shopper services, personal style and image sessions, wardrobe reviews, colour consultations, or a combination.

Whichever service you request from us, we’ll be very thorough in our preparation for your appointment, and once you do meet up with your personal stylist in London, you’ll not only be styled, but also thoroughly educated on how you can look and feel great this spring. At every stage, the emphasis is on your requirements, not ours – whether you have requested assistance from a personal shopper in finding new seasonal wardrobe pieces, or you are learning how to dress cleverly for your figure during one of our complete personal style and image sessions. Or maybe you want to discuss and edit your existing wardrobe or be shown the clothing colours that best suit you?

We help both men and women to look simply stunning this spring, with independent services that represent great value for money. When you are considering fashion stylists in London this spring time, turn to those that actually work for you – our own, right here at Shikkuu Guides.