Can you groom yourself to work success?

You would have thought that ‘dress for success’ is a cheesy, out-dated concept in an age of dress-down, flexible working. With more companies taking an informal approach to work attire, perhaps being led by the Googleplex chilled-out office model or simply moving with the times, is the idea that how you look at work affects your success irrelevant nowadays?

It would seem not: a quick Google search of ‘corporate image grooming’ or similar search terms and you’ll see how many companies out there specialise in personal grooming for the professional workplace. Indeed, here at Shikkuu Guides, this is one of our services which is becoming increasingly in demand. Over and above our personal shopper services in London and stylists in London services, our makeover services include helping professional men and women achieve a personalised, groomed and business-savvy look which doesn’t sacrifice their personal style.

So is there science behind these services, no matter how in demand they may be? Can you really get further on in your career by paying such close attention to your appearance? Certainly it is still a widely held belief that there are various levels of appropriate business attire depending on the type of work situation. Get these wrong and you could well hamper your performance in an interview, presentation or average work day. No matter how informal the world may be getting in some ways, turn up to an average job interview in jeans and you’re unlikely to impress. Similarly, wearing a dress-down summer dress in a boardroom (or board shorts if you’re a guy!) when you’re pitching a new client probably won’t go down well.

The fact is that whether you’re trying to impress in the short term – in an interview or pitch – or over the long-term in your every-day job, your appearance does play a part, and probably always will. After all, humans communicate on a number of different levels, including taking into account how someone is presenting themselves physically and visually. In the same way that someone slumped at their desk staring into space indicates lethargy, so does someone who has given no thought to the way others see their clothes and general grooming in a professional setting.

Yet this is where it gets tricky. If we all accept that how we dress and groom ourselves can make a negative or positive impact, however minimal, to our professional success, how do we know how to practically incorporate this on a manageable day to day basis, specifically for our own professional lives?

This is where work style makeover services come into their own. Choose companies with consultants that have experience in this arena spanning different industries and job types (like us!) and you’ll get practical advice on how to present the best version of yourself relevant to your particular professional life now – and work goals in the future.

With advice as broad as how to update your wardrobe to be both current and timeless within your workplace (not easy, as you can imagine!), to as specific as which grooming products will help you appear polished yet save you time in the morning, we help people approach dressing and grooming for work with ease and confidence, ready to reach for success, with our women and men style makeover services.