From modest dresses to flesh-baring bikinis... it could only be the VMAs

If you're the kind of person who listens briefly to Radio 1, only to think, "does this pass for music these days?!", look away now - because in today's blog, the stylists in London of Shikkuu Guides are turning their attentions to a landmark event in the pop calendar that certainly attracted no shortage of gasps and outrage this time around. Yes, we're talking about the MTV Video Music Awards, where there was a fair amount of outrageous and jaw-dropping fashion, with some touches being less advisable than others for our ordinary clients!

The divas were certainly in full force at the event, and if we're honest, Lady Gaga's million-and-one costume changes mean that we really must start with her. From a yellow wig and shell bikini to leather skirts and face paint, it seems that the Fame Monster star took on more different looks than most of us could muster from our entire wardrobes. She almost looked what might be termed 'normal' when she arrived, but from the moment she took to the stage to open the show with a performance of her new single, "Applause", she showed why she remains such a favourite of many a London fashion stylist.

Gaga began her performance in an all-white nun outfit incorporating a humungous square headpiece that probably wouldn't satisfy health and safety requirements on your average London street, and she ended it in a floral thong and bikini made out of shells. Fittingly enough given the raunchy competition, it was a thong that fully exposed Gaga's behind, as nobody could fail to notice when she excitedly jumped up and out of her chair as Taylor Swift headed to the stage to accept her award in the Best Female Video category, for "I Knew You Were Trouble".

Such raunchy competition came in the form of 20 year old Miley Cyrus, who sported a bejewelled midriff baring trouser and top on the red carpet, later being seen in a cheeky cartoon leotard and finally, apparently just her bra and pants. Miley's 'twerking' performance in a nude PVC bikini shocked many viewers at least as much as Gaga's bum flash. 39 year old rapper Lil Kim's fashion choices weren't much more sedate, with her PVC mesh catsuit perfectly flaunting her curves, while Rita Ora turned up in a ridiculously long feather frock and Katy Perry, when she wasn't attracting photographers' notice with the garish gold grill on her teeth, opted for a tight fitting crop top and boxing shorts for the stage.

It all left Rihanna comparatively underwhelming in her little black dress and heels - even if her outfit was one that actual users of Shikkuu Guides' personal shopper services in London might actually realistically aspire to! Certainly, the VMAs had no shortage of ludicrous fashions this year - and with the help of a style advisor in London, you may even want to incorporate a few inspiring elements, while keeping your overall wardrobe distinctly 'you'.