Get together with your friends for a style makeover

Are you always picking out a garment from the rack that just doesn’t fit you as well as it should, or that doesn’t nicely complement the rest of your wardrobe? Or maybe your make-up techniques leave a lot to be desired? We all turn to our friends to ask their advice at times like these, but why not go one step further and get those friends together for a group style makeover with a personal stylist in London from Shikkuu Guides?

Let’s face it... you’re always judging your mates’ sartorial or beauty choices, often rather negatively, and you can bet that they’re doing the same to you. At the same time, much has been made of the fact that if you want to achieve something, whether it’s getting fit or even just completing a tricky late-night work shift, it’s a great idea to rope in someone else to help you with it. Plus, it’s nice just to see your friends in one place again, if you’re normally busy people.

With all of that in mind, we’d urge you to consider our extensive range of group tours and parties. You may be joining your mates for a break in the English capital, for example, in which case alongside all of the usual visits to those museums, art galleries and theatres, you might want to do a spot of shopping. London can be fiendishly expensive, though, and the amount of choice of eye-catching fashions can be overwhelming. So why not book a personal shopper in London to guide you through the best of the city’s fashion boutiques, making the most of the limited time available to you?

Our personal shopper services in London are truly tailored to the individual needs of your friends. We get in touch in advance to discuss where you and your friends would like to shop, whether that is in Oxford Street, Bond Street, Knightsbridge, Covent Garden, Kensington and Chelsea or somewhere entirely different. Even if you have lived in London for your entire life, you’d be amazed at those hidden, out-of-the-way stores that we can point you towards, as well as some of the more obvious retailers that you might have previously ignored.

All the while, your friends will be laughing and joking as part of a great bonding experience... and it’s a similar story if you take advantage of one of our make up lessons in London. These parties involve a minimum of five people being shown make-up application techniques by an informed and friendly stylist. By the end of the lesson, everyone in your group will know so much more about the make-up colours that best suit them.

We offer many other style and colour parties for those who are looking to learn something about the best shades, shapes and fabrics for them, whether as preparation for going out or just for the ultimate ‘girly night in’. Simply visit for more information on what a style advisor in London can do for you and your friends!