Give your make-up a summer revival!

Let’s face it: many of us don’t deviate much from our usual make up routine, not only for night after night or week after week, but year after year. Some of us are still applying make-up the same way we did in our teens, even though we may now be in our 30s or older. The summer, though, really deserves a revamp in your traditional approach to prettifying yourself, and if you don’t think you’re making the most of your best features, you’re free to contact our stylists in London here at Shikkuu Guides for some lessons.

One of the first things that we would urge you to do in this sometimes oppressive heat, is slap on that sunscreen. Your body lotion should differ from your facial sunscreen, and you should be prepared to pay for the right texture of sunscreen – although the good news is that you may be able to ditch the moisturiser if you choose the right one. When you are making yourself up, start with a good hydrating cleanser that will leave you with suitably silky skin, before applying a serum. The best one will leave your skin feeling healthily plump, but make sure that you pat it on to push the product right into the cells.

It’s a good idea to then follow this with a foundation primer, which is far from the unnecessary extra that many of us think it to be, given the dramatic effect that it can have on the evenness of the skin. It also helps to boost your make-up’s longevity. Foundations can easily run in the summer, however, so you might want to switch to a tinted moisturiser with the added coverage of concealer so that any blemishes are concealed.

Powders could be worth trying for the next stage of your style makeover, whether you roll it on the skin with a powder puff or use a soft, large brush to lightly brush those areas that require the greatest attention. Eye make-up is also a difficult area in the summer, given the tendency, as soon as many beauty devotees step outside, for their make-up to cake and melt and end up in their eye creases. It’s why you should opt for a primer specifically made for the eyes, with this acting as an adhesive prior to the application of eyeshadow. Any mascara that you use, meanwhile, really does need to be waterproof.

If you’re still not quite getting your summer make-up right, then you’re welcome to get in touch with us about make up lessons in London here at Shikkuu Guides. From learning about the colours that work best with your skin type and colouring, right through to making your eyes look bigger and brighter, we’ll give you all of the make-up pointers that you need to stun in the sun.