How to dress for work and still look on-trend!

How to dress for work and still look on-trend!

It’s a problem that faces most fashionistas: you put all your effort and hard-earned cash into curating a kick-ass wardrobe that you update as often as you can, only to have to resort to boring work clothes from Monday to Friday. If you’re one of those people who feel like they need a fashion makeover for work, don’t despair! It is possible to dress well for work without sacrificing your personal style and showing you know how to tap into the most current trends! Here’s our guide from what we’ve learned as a leading fashion stylist in London over the years:

Do your research
Of course the most important thing is protecting your job. Get out your job manual or speak to HR and make sure you know the dress rules in your office. Then, knowing the parameters you can work within, be imaginative! One of the biggest mistakes we make is looking at our co-workers to get an idea of what is encouraged as work attire. They probably have very different weekend wardrobes to you, so why copy them at work? If you’re safely within the rules and if you don’t stick out like a sore thumb, then you’re fine to experiment and express your personal style around that. Things like introducing colours and up-to-the-minute silhouettes can bring a work wardrobe bang up to date.

Check the runway reports with a work eye
Most high fashion magazines now publish separate runway reports every key season. Trawl through these with your work ‘head’ on and you’ll be surprised by how many shapes there are that are office-suitable and also on-trend. Culottes are still a fashion hit and are made for most workplaces; at more relaxed and less corporate offices you can perhaps get away with a silk jumpsuit which can look chic and still business-like. 

Embrace the pantsuit!
You may think that the women’s work suit – or pantsuit as they call it in the States – is the anti-thesis of on-trend, but think again! Thanks to the likes of Phoebe Philo at Cèline and US designer Tory Burch, the pantsuit is oh-so-relevant once again. This time round, think of a more slouchy cut and luxe fabrics.

Don’t forget accessories
We admit that it’s even more challenging to express your personal style at work if you have to wear a uniform, but this rule – which applies to those who don’t have to wear a uniform too – is your saving grace. Every style advisor in London will tell you about the transformative power of accessories. They can elevate an outfit from casual to glam and they can show you read the latest fashion glossies even if you’re just wearing a jeans and t-shirt. That makes them great for work, but it goes without saying that most workplaces are not going to like a lot of bling. Go understated, but be as bold and expressive as you can get away with!

Get expert help!
If, after all this, you’re still finding it a sartorial minefield, then help is at hand. Allow our London fashion stylist to overhaul your work wardrobe and you’ll turn your office corridors into a fashion runway in no time. Contact us to find out about our corporate makeovers for both women and men.