Insider Secrets: Colour Consultants

You have probably heard about colour consultants: experts who advise you on the colours which suit you best in both clothes and make up. But you may wonder how on earth they can tell which colours out of the spectrum of the rainbow will suit an individual – is it a standard rule for blondes, brunettes and redheads or does skin shade also come into it, for instance? At Shikkuu Guides, colour consultation in London is one of our services, so we’re well placed to let you into some of the insider secrets of the colour consultants...

The power of colour

We all know black is slimming, but that doesn’t even begin to touch on the true power of colour. Some colours add warmth to skin tone; some can take years off you; some can hide attributes you dislike and others can make your best features pop. Take a colour consultation in London with Shikkuu Guides and you can harness this power!

Shading, not just shades

A secret of the colour consultation world is that it’s not just a matter of picking a few shades from a swatch of colours – it’s also about shading. Just as the art of shading with make up can seem to tighten up the jaw line or slim the nose, so can combining certain shades slim your hips, banish a belly or highlight the face. Flattering make up and clever dressing is also about using shades of colour.

Work with what you’ve got

One of the great benefits of a colour consultation in London is that you learn how different colours can work together. Don’t think you’ll be told that red is your colour so you need to overhaul your wardrobe! You will be advised on which colours suit you of course, and you may even be surprised (it’s often the case!), but you will also learn how existing colours in your wardrobe can work together in perhaps surprising ways. That way you can work with the colours you’ve already got in your current wardrobe.

Nod to neutrals

Another perhaps surprising part of colour consultations is that they will let you into the secret of using neutrals to best effect, and not just dark, pastel and bright colours. Do you know how well white and cream go together? And what they can do to your wardrobe when worn together correctly? If not, then find out! Book a colour consultation in London with Shikkuu Guides and you’ll learn a whole host of fascinating and practical ways to harness colour, shades and neutrals in your clothes and make up. Find out more at