Insider Secrets: Make up artists

Over the years, make up artists have gone from people working their magic in the background to respected artists in their own rights, with some, such as Bobbi Brown and the late Kevyn Aucoin finding global fame. At Shikkuu Guides, we offer make up lessons in London which provide a wealth of tips from the professionals in just one hour, but here we share with you some insider secrets absolutely free!

Change up Professional make up artists know that fashions come and go in make up just as they do in fashion. Most women don’t even change their make up style over decades, let alone seasons, however, and this can be very ageing. Change up your make up style and you could take years off. What suited you in your teens, 20s or 30s could in fact be making you look much older than you are. Take a look at leading fashion magazines’ beauty sections for ideas on new ways to update your make up style.

Accentuate Make up is not a mask! Applied expertly it should accentuate your natural features, making you see the features of your face before you notice the make up. Even the natural make up look takes a lot more work than it looks, however, so learn how to bring out your eyes, accentuate your cupid’s bow, narrow your nose, whatever suits your face, with make up.

Brushes Take a look inside any make up artist’s kit and you’ll see lots of brushes. Fingertips are great for blending (more of that in a minute) but brushes elevate your make up to an expertly applied thing of beauty rather than a smeared on afterthought! There is literally a brush for everything, so check out your local department store beauty counter and get practicing.

Blending Fingers are themselves tools of the trade, mainly because they help to blend and blending is one of the most important aspects of well applied make up. Blend, blend and then blend again with warm fingertips. Blend your eyeshadow where you apply it, blend your foundation well, especially at your jawline. There’s nothing more unflattering than an orangey tidemark of foundation so check your blending success in natural daylight as well as under lights.

Shading Master shading and you really can make the most out of the features you like and downplay the ones you don’t. Shading is all about using light and creating shadow to define and reduce, but be warned it takes practice and a light hand so as not to look like stage make up!

To learn more about make up, from how to transition from day make up to evening looks, how to make your eyes pop and your cheekbones more chiseled, take advantage of our affordable make up lessons in London. Find out more at the Shikkuu Guides website at