Insider Secrets: men’s style makeovers

Admitting you need help in the style and personal grooming department didn’t used to be in the male vocabulary. In fact it used to be a badge of masculinity for the guys to claim they never gave their clothes a thought and their grooming was basic at best. Not any more, even the term ‘metrosexual male’ which referred to men who took grooming seriously, is outdated now, given that just about every man under the age of 50 takes great pride in their appearance. In the last of our series, here are some of the insider secrets of those who give men’s style makeovers, from leading personal shopping and stylists in London Shikkuu Guides.

Get with the program! When carrying out a men style makeover, one of the first hurdles is to make men realise how much choice there is for them in both fashion and personal grooming in the 21st century. A little education is often needed, as many men presume the high street, department stores and designers cater to women first and men as an afterthought. It’s simply not the case anymore, with the male fashion, accessories and grooming markets exploding in recent years. It’s the male stylist’s job to let their client into the (not-so!) secret!

Consider your image We know that deep down most young to middle-aged men look in the mirror as much as women these days, but that doesn’t mean they have given their image as much consideration as they should. Any men style makeover worth its salt will start with a consultation to take into account how the guy sees themselves and the image they want to convey. Outdoorsy and rugged? Suave and sophisticated? Wealthy and designer-label driven? Classic and tailored? Normally it doesn’t take long to realise that most men want to look a certain way, but have put little effort into doing it.

Update and evolve It’s true that men’s fashion involves a lot of classic pieces and tailoring which rarely goes out of style, but that doesn’t mean that men can afford to ignore trends completely. It’s a key area where men go wrong in the sartorial stakes – failing to update their wardrobe and evolve their personal style when needed. A men style makeover will help them do just that, editing their current wardrobe and helping them shop for key new looks, both investment pieces and more fashion-led items.

Unlock colour If some men still find the fashion world a little too feminine for their liking, then the use of colour is likely to put real fear into them. Another secret of the men’s stylist is unlocking the power of colour. That doesn’t mean including some jauntily coloured socks or a pastel-hued jumper knotted nonchalantly across the shoulders – colour can look modern, cool, subtle and – dare we say it – manly! It just needs to be done well and in keeping with the right colours for the individual.

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