Insider Secrets: Personal Shoppers

At Shikkuu Guides, we’re all about imparting our wisdom when it comes to fashion, shopping, style and grooming. Our team of experts draw on many years industry experience to advise our customers and they’ve learnt many insider secrets along the way. In the first of a series of posts, we’re going to share some insider secrets of a personal shopper in London, secrets which can help you shop your way to a more stylish wardrobe.

Consider the client - The first secret of a personal shopper is just how closely they assess their clients. They understand that the most important underlying aspect of dressing well and shopping effectively is knowing what suits that person, both in terms of body shape and size and lifestyle. Do the same yourself and be truthful! A realistic assessment of yourself (Are you still a size 10? What can you honestly afford to spend per month?) is the cornerstone of shopping for a fantastic wardrobe.

Edit, edit, edit- Personal shopper services in London don’t start in the city’s stores, they really begin in the client’s home, or their current wardrobe to be exact. When you hire a personal shopper, you’re not just adding to the amount of clothes you have, you’re building a new wardrobe with a whole new eye. To do that, it’s important to edit what you already have. At Shikkuu, we work closely with our personal shopper clients before we hit the shops to ensure that we understand the individual client’s needs. Don’t worry, a personal shopper won’t come in and throw away half of your clothes, but will advise on editing down to key pieces which will work for you. But be warned, if you haven’t worn something in a year or more, you probably should edit it out your wardrobe for good!

Store secrets - When it’s time to actually start shopping, personal shoppers really come into their own. We’re not about to let you in on every insider secret here (we’d have every personal shopper in London to answer to if we did!) but we will let you in on some store secrets that are worth keeping in mind. First, know the delivery days of your favourite stores. It sounds obvious, but if you don’t get the good stuff when it first comes in, especially in high street stores such as Zara which updates their ranges startlingly regularly, then you’re going to miss out. Also find out which stores carry the ranges you like. Some provincial branches may not carry some of the higher quality ranges, for instance, and more central or flagship branches could be a better option. And know how to shop efficiently and effectively. Most stores will carry their most sought-after and regularly updated ranges at the front of the shop so you may not have to trawl through the entire shop to get a quick refresh as to what’s new and not to miss.

As you can imagine, this barely scratches the surface of the juicy secrets of the average personal shopper in London but allow us to become your personal shopper and we’ll let you into all the tricks of the trade! Find out just how affordable it is at