Life just got easier thanks to our concierge gift shopping service

We all love to give gifts, and let’s face it, not always for entirely altruistic reasons. Of course it feels good to spoil the ones we love, but who doesn’t want to give a gift that reflects well on themselves at the same time? Just imagine how easy it would be to buy fantastic gifts that really singled you out as a style maven if you had the expertise and address book of some of the best fashion stylists in London? Well, life just got easier because that’s exactly what you get with our concierge gift shopping service here at Shikkuu Guides.

Gift shopping, when done well, is elevated to near art-form. Which gifts are bang on-trend without being faddy? Which stores are hip now and which have had their day? What does the gift say about the person you’re buying it for, and what does it say about you? The perfect gift should be well thought through, obviously keeping the recipient firmly in mind, but also stamping something of your own personality on the gift. But how to do that without seeming as though your trying to change that person? Or even just buying for yourself! And on top of all that the need, in most cases, to buy a gift that screams style, quality and desirability without breaking the bank and you’ve got a headache on your hands. No wonder vouchers are still the gift of choice for many people!

No longer, thanks to our personal shopper services in London which extend to gift shopping for those special gift occasions for your friends and family. Think of it as your very own hybrid of personal shopper, stylist and concierge all in one. Tell us about the person or people you need to buy gifts for, give us some background about their lifestyle, personality, gender, age and interests, and we’ll do the rest. Just as for our other personal shopper, stylist, make up and beauty services, this could involve searching for the right clothes and grooming products for both men and women, but it also extends to seeking out other beautiful gifts, such as candles, perfumes, shoes, scarves, bags or jewellery.

Imagine the achingly chic presents you could buy if you had a leading style advisor in London to guide you to the very best shops, often ones you haven’t yet discovered, and advise you on exactly what to pick from the various ranges. That’s exactly what you get when you use the concierge gift shopping services at Shikkuu Guides, and at pleasingly affordable prices. Your loved ones get the very best presents out there, and you get the kudos of being the one that found them (shhh, we won’t tell if you don’t!).