New Year, new wardrobe, new you!

The New Year is a great time to take stock of all sorts of things, not least your personal style. Come January, most of us will be trying to lose a few pounds and look a little better after the excesses of the festive season, but for those who want to go that bit further and really raise their game in the style stakes, Shikkuu Guides ( is here to help. Our Wardrobe Review service will give you not only a new wardrobe, but a whole new you.

If you’re struggling to find clothes which suit you; if you’ve been wearing the same styles for years; if your wardrobe reflects a completely different person than the one you’ve become; or if you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to fashion, fear not! Our Wardrobe Review is both a fashion makeover (letting you in on the latest on-trend, must-have pieces) and style makeover (giving you tips on how to bring out your own personal style), not to mention being highly practical. After we’ve given you a couple of hours of our expert wisdom, you’ll have a compartmentalised, organised, and fantastic wardrobe which will work for you – months ahead of spring cleaning season!

It’s one thing to flick through fashion magazines, but quite another to translate what you see to your own wardrobe. Whether you’re a new mum, a career woman, a young fashionista in the making, or an older lady wanting to dress appropriately but fashionably, our style advisor in London will tailor their advice to you. Our team will take a look at the pieces in your existing wardrobe, talk to you about your daily life and your goals for personal style, before giving practical and specific tips which will transform not only your wardrobe but the very way you shop and dress.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to find a budget for a whole new wardrobe; while we will of course advise on which key pieces you should add, it’s also about editing down what you have and making your current clothes work for you, by wearing them in new ways, accessorising, and working with shape, fit and colour.

Take a look at the Shikkuu Guides website at for the surprisingly affordable rates of our Wardrobe Review, as well as our other style services which will help you tap into a whole new you. Happy New Year, Happy New You!