Research your summer style on the streets of London!

If you live and work within even the vaguest proximity of the English capital, then you won’t need a personal stylist in London, never mind one from Shikkuu Guides, to inform you how hot it’s been lately. Londoners have been left sweltering in their offices and other workplaces, resulting in sleeves being rolled up, windows propped open and portable air conditioning units brought out. Inevitably, there’s been much talk as to whether the sun will last until the weekend.

But in the meantime, those lucky ones with a few moments to spare have headed to the capital’s many parks and other open spaces, or strutted their stuff on the city’s most popular shopping streets – presenting a singular opportunity for an ordinary woman or man like you to get a sense of the latest summer fashions. Whether you head to Hyde Park for a dip in the Serpentine Lido, or just make the most of shopping opportunities on Oxford Street, you’ll see a lot of shorts, skirts, short sleeves and bare, knobbly knees – but not all of the fashions on show are as embarrassing as you might think!

Whereas London in the summer is so often associated with disappointingly grey, cloudy skies, the Great British Summer really has come out in force this time – but don’t be fooled by thinking that just any old attire will do for that post-work pint. There’s most definitely nothing pleasurable about being surrounded by a load of suits in a City bar at 30 degrees. You’ll therefore have no choice but to reach into your wardrobe for T-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, dresses and more that are necessary to avoid your own session of sipping a cold, tall pint becoming a decidedly sweaty affair. And who better than a London fashion stylist to help you to decide what should be in that wardrobe?

After all, it’s the job of our fashion stylists in London to know what looks fabulous on the streets of the capital – in every area, from Clerkenwell to Camberwell, from Hackney to Hampstead, from Soho to South Bank. You might opt for a vintage sundress, navel-skimming crop top, printed silk maxiskirt, floral vintage shirt, navy chino… or any of a combination of these things. There’s so much to wear that could look great in the pub gardens, but there’s also a slight chance of your chosen garments looking disastrous on you, being too hastily chosen and inadequately suited to your shape, size and skin tone.

It’s to avoid such fashion faux pas that so many people get in touch with Shikkuu Guides about our wardrobe reviews and personal shopper services in London. Get help from us to achieve your ideal look for the summer, reviewing your existing wardrobe before planning a personal shopping session, through which you can discover the perfect fashions for your body type and size, at both well-known and relatively undiscovered stores. Never again suffer a fashion disaster in London this summer!