September's looming... that means it's time for London Fashion Week!

Twice a year, something pretty special happens that no self-respecting fashionista will forget to put the dates for in their diary. Of course, we're referring to the incomparable London Fashion Week, which having last taken place in February, returns this September to enliven the autumn calendars of our enthusiastic fashion stylists in London here at Shikkuu Guides. Chances are that you're pretty excited too, but what can we expect from the most recent running of this venerable event?

With new collections from such big fashion names as Ryan Lo and Claire Barrow set to break cover, if you have even a passing interest in engaging a style advisor in London, you really ought to keep up with the latest developments that could inspire you right through Spring/Summer 2014. The fashion magazines and blogs are already abuzz with chatter about what we could be seeing on next month's catwalks. What was big this summer that may be passe by next year, and what other trends might emerge that completely surprise us? Short dresses, for example, were big this year, but might not pass muster as convincingly in summer 2014.

So, what might surface? Well, many observers have suggested that beach prints could be a big deal in Spring/Summer 2014. We all love sun, sea and sand, and designers already look set to whet our appetites for the return of those bright, blue skies, with an incredibly diverse range of printed beach fashions. You could find yourself picking up an amazing dip-hem dress with a sunset print, for example, or even a classic shell detailed piece that is perfect for a formal event. That's the thing with this trend - the range of items embracing it extends way beyond occasional holiday wear, so our stylists in London expect to have a lot of fun with it.

Another trend that's got everybody talking in the run-up to London Fashion Week is the quirky and individual text print tee. For a while, no London fashion stylist really thought that these would catch on, as they seemed destined to remain rooted in 'novelty' status and date rapidly. But now, designers are keeping them fresher by injecting elements of other popular looks and making the text less specific. Dainty flowery prints, for example, have frequently been used to soften the edginess of the text. In short, we'd be surprised not to see a few of these at next month's festivities.

Other popular fashion trends in recent times that could make a big impact at London Fashion Week include Pop Art inspired clothing that combines the most contemporary style with classic 20th century art. The result is routinely distinctive shapes and lines, dramatic contrasts and surprising shade and tone combinations. Expect a very international flavour to many of the fashions, too. We'll see whether our predictions were right or wrong next month - but in the meantime, why not contact Shikkuu Guides about your own timely style makeover?