Shikkuu Guides combines the best of online and offline shopping

In recent years there has been an increasing battle between the worlds of high street and Internet shopping – with the relative newcomer, the latter, apparently winning out. News headlines are blaze with the damage done to physical retailers by ‘showrooming’, the practice of finding a better deal for an item online after browsing for it in a high street store. People are increasingly asking about what Britain’s high streets will look like in years to come. In that context, where do the personal shopper services in London from Shikkuu Guides fit in?

First of all, it’s important to appreciate that we Britons have definitely not fallen out of love with the high street. We still love perusing our favourite fashion retailers, not least because of the sheer physicality of sifting through those racks, not to mention the fact that you can actually try on your latest find straight away, and carry it out of the shop immediately after purchasing. You can admire yourself in the mirror in the store’s changing rooms, and make sure that the garment that has caught your eye truly reflects your own sense of style, in addition to fitting well on your body.

There are so many other benefits to shopping on the high street that our fashion stylists in London really make the most of. After all, not only do we offer personal shopper services, but also personal style and image sessions, colour consultations and group tours and parties. What could be better than getting together with your friends for a group shopping tour in London, discovering new areas and hidden gems with the help of an informed retail tour guide? It certainly beats huddling around a computer or looking at your tablet computers on a ‘girly night in’.

But of course, there’s no denying that online shopping has its conveniences, too. You can often find what you want straight away through Google, without having to walk even a few hundred yards from one store to another – helped by the ‘recommendations’ that fashion websites offer. The Internet is also renowned for the bargains that it can bring. But wouldn’t you prefer to combine the joys of both online and offline shopping, with genuinely tailored fashion ideas being suggested to you by a human being, not a ‘one size fits all’ computer? Well, that’s certainly what a style advisor in London from Shikkuu Guides can offer.

We can give you genuinely informed suggestions on the basis of your size, body type and fashion preferences, finding the best styles available for your budget. It allows you to experience the wind in your hair doing “real” shopping, discovering many of the great fashions that would have completely passed you by if you depended entirely on the Internet. Contact our stylists in London now at for a well-priced personal shopper experience that appeals to both your head and your heart.