Should you follow or ignore the latest spring/summer fashion trends?

The spring and summer months are a time of year where everyone seems to feel better. The days are getting longer, the weather’s finally improved and the social and holiday calendar fills up. It’s the perfect time to reappraise your wardrobe, and even your make-up style, in time for those summer parties, with a little bit of help from the fashion stylists in London at Shikkuu Guides.

As with every season, there are so many happening trends to keep up with. From jumbo sized statement stripes to no-nonsense minimalism; bold shapes and colour combinations to more oriental influences; monochrome outfits and shimmering, metallic-looking dresses; there are so many trends that the leading fashion magazines are urging their readers to adopt for their next style makeover. But for those of us who don’t have the time to sift through such publications every month, choosing even the simplest garment for that summer garden party can be intimidating.

What if the dress that was the talk of the town in 2012 is unexpectedly passé in 2013? Maybe you’ve read of certain popular trends, but are wondering how you could possibly make them work in the context of your own wardrobe? What colours and shapes would potentially suit you, and which trends might you be presently unaware of, but that might actually be perfect for you? It doesn’t help that the spring and summer months often make us more self-conscious than ever, given all of that pressure to show a bit of skin.

Wouldn’t it be great, then, if you could just get on with living your life, while a personal shopper in London of your very own helps you through this year’s fashion minefield? Well, that’s precisely what Shikkuu Guides offers, and more besides. Get on the phone to us, and we won’t just read off a pre-prepared list of fashion trends that has no more relevance to you than it does to anyone else. We’re committed to bringing you a wonderful personal shopping and styling experience, giving you a London fashion stylist who actually considers your size, shape, age and preferences in preparing you the perfect ‘look’ for your spring and summer.

An informed and experienced style advisor in London from Shikkuu Guides can give you that all-important ‘fresh pair of eyes’, ensuring that you dress to impress, in a style that is distinctly ‘you’, without falling foul of an embarrassing summer fad that you’ll still be struggling to live down several years later! Contact us now about our services encompassing personal shopping, colour consultations, wardrobe reviews and more.