So many ways to inject some style in your life

If like us, you’re a bit tired of the relentlessly bleak news about the global economy and would rather focus on the fab, not drab, dreaming of a more glamorous outlook, then it’s time to inject some serious style in your life. Here at the home of one of the premier stylists in London, Shikkuu Guides (, we offer so many ways to do just that, and it’s far more affordable then you may think.

Shikkuu Guides offers you a range of stylish services that will provide a welcome dose of glamour, whether you choose to overhaul your wardrobe, update the colour palette of your clothes or discover some of London’s secret sartorial addresses. Here is just a selection:

Hire a Fashion Stylist

Ever wonder how the stars manage to look so picture perfect all the time? With the possible exception of Kate Moss, none of them can take personal credit. They all rely on the indispensable services of a fashion stylist. At Shikkuu Guides, we don’t think this valuable service should be restricted to the wealthy, which is why we offer an affordable stylist service, offering all of the up-to-the-minute expertise and fashion know-how without the hefty price tag.

Personal Shopper Service

Hiring a personal shopper is a great way to adopt your favourite runway looks within a realistic budget; find out the best new styles to hit the hottest high street shops; discover which styles and shapes suit you best; and ensure this season’s key pieces feature in your wardrobe. Our personal shopper services in London offer all this and more.

Make Up Lessons

Of course for women, great style isn’t just about great clothes, it’s also about good grooming and flattering make-up. Make-up really is an art form - just look at the celebrities who don’t go anywhere without their personal make-up artist. We can help you tap into this art yourself, however, showing you some insider tricks of the trade which will bring out your best features, minimise any imperfections and look yourself but a whole lot slicker and prettier!

Style Makeover

Even the most fashion-forward among us can fall into a style rut, sticking to the old faithful fashions we know (or at least think!) that suit us. A style makeover is what needed in this case, and our expert stylists will show you how to bring your personal style bang up to date but very much keeping to what suits your size, shape and lifestyle. You’ll be you, but a whole new, fabulous you!

Colour Consultation

Do you have a lot of black in your wardrobe? We bet you do! There may be nothing more chic than the LBD, but black is not the only fashionable colour, people! With our help, you can unlock the power of the palette in your wardrobe, picking colours that flatter, bring out your complexion, nod to the styles of the season, and lift your mood.

If all this sounds like the stuff of dreams to mere mortals then think again. Find out about the real-world pricing for our full range of style services at A new, more stylish you could soon be the reality.