The rise of Street Style - time to raise your game!

You don’t have to be a leading fashion stylist in London to have heard about ‘Street Style’. The last few years has seen the rise of this global phenomenon: fashion bloggers snapping normal yet stylish people out and about in the street and people copying these looks all around the world. More than just another way to while away hours on the internet, Street Style blogs actually mean that anyone who wants to be stylish now has to raise their game! Allow Shikkuu Guides to explain...

Such is the phenomenon of Street Style that even many of the top glossy fashion magazines now feature a section dedicated to the photos of non-model/non-celebrities looking super stylish out on the street. Like most fashion fans, here at Shikkuu Guides we’re big fans of Street Style for lots of reasons. For instance, it’s created lots of great fashion blogs by talented individuals who may not have found success through the old-school channels of designing, styling, fashion photography or fashion journalism. It also celebrates the fact that style is all about a personal approach, rather than having to wear certain designer clothes or stick slavishly to fads which may not suit you. It’s also brilliantly democratic: you’ll see people of all ages, genders and nationalities on Street Style blogs, wearing everything from couture to vintage, high street to hand-me-downs.

So why does the rise of Street Style mean we have to raise our game in the sartorial stakes? In short, there is no longer any excuse for any of us to look less than our best. Can’t afford designer clothes or even fashion magazines? Street Style blogs are free and daily posting makes for endless, free inspiration, while many don’t feature designer clothes at all! Want to look stylish but aren’t really into keeping up with fashion? A quick browse through Street Style blogs, as well as keeping up with updates on the Shikku Guides blog and via Twitter of course, means you can tap into trends and learn how to play with colours, proportions and accessories to great effect.

Not so long ago, we only had to worry about that one cool friend showing us up in the style stakes – you know, that one friend who always looks effortlessly cool, who seems to know exactly what suits them and rarely puts a fashion step wrong? Unfortunately, Street Style now brings hundreds of these types to our attention every single week! And even if you choose to never look at a Street Style blog in your life, we can assure you that millions around the world do, every day, so the style stakes out on your local street have been raised whether you like it or not!

The answer, for those of you who feel you may need a helping hand in this area, is faster, easier and more affordable than you think. Simply book an appointment with one of our fashion makeover experts and stylists in London here at Shikkuu Guides and within a matter of hours you’ll have the keys to unlocking your very own personal style; a style worthy of any great Street Style blog, so get photo ready! For full details, go to