The unexpected impact of certain clothing colours

What is one of the very first things that you notice about a person when you greet them? You would expect our fashion stylists in London here at Shikkuu Guides to suggest clothing, but actually, even before you notice the shape, cut and fit of that clothing, its the colour that will immediately register with you. We’re all used to reacting in very different ways to people on the basis of the colours that they wear, and it’s important to recognise how much of an impact it has on other people’s perceptions of you.

Why else, after all, would we offer a colour consultation in London among our services, giving you advice on the colours that suit you and giving you confidence when you come to choose new colours? It’s because we know that colours say a lot about your personality and lifestyle, and communicate to the world how you feel about yourself. We’re all used to presuming that a person is extroverted from their choice of a vibrant bright yellow shirt, or only vaguely noticing someone in a crowd because they’ve chosen barely consciously noticeable beiges and browns.

Whether we realise it or not, colour does have an impact – even to the extent, according to medical science, of affecting your blood pressure, body temperature and hormones. Colour also impacts on your emotions and can help to give the impression of a certain shape, weight and personality. Different colours are appropriate for different occasions, locations, seasons, ages and even natural colouring. A personal stylist in London from Shikkuu Guides knows of the great effect that certain colour and clothing can also have. For instance, a tailored red shift dress can communicate confidence and power in a business meeting, whereas a jacket paired with a lacy red top is sexier, which renders it less appropriate to such a formal occasion.

It does help, at the most basic level, to know of the general effect that each colour has in isolation. Yellow, for example, grabs people’s attention and keeps them alert, while yellow-based reds are energetic and true reds show confidence. If it is class and sophistication that you’d especially like to communicate, however, you may be better off plumping for burgundy. Lighter blues, meanwhile, have a more calming effect, although navy blue suggests a greater seriousness and trustworthiness. Then there’s red violet, which has overtones of strength and creativity.

A style advisor in London from Shikkuu Guides knows all about these distinctions, but more than that, they know that you still need to choose colours that work well with your natural colouring. Some people who opt for ‘creative’ and ‘confident’ colours, for example, can merely end up looking washed out. That’s partly why we offer colour consultations that allow you to go deeper in the search for the perfect colours for your wardrobe, with one of our experts helping you to select colours – in both your clothing and make-up – that really work to your advantage.