What could make up lessons do for you?

For most of us ladies, make up is a must, but a bit of an after-thought. We may treat ourselves to the odd new lipstick, perhaps in a brave pop of colour, but all too often that’s about as far as it goes when it comes to updating our look. Here at Shikkuu Guides, we’re almost evangelical about the importance of giving enough consideration to your make up, because it’s an area that can be sadly neglected. Here are just some of the things you could learn from our make up lessons in London.

Turn back the clock

Make up really can make you look younger, we promise you. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Lots of women in their 30s and beyond make the mistake of sticking to the same make up style of their 20s, or – heaven forbid – their teenage years, when they first picked up the mascara in the first place! These kind of make up sins range from overly-heavy eye-liner to caked on foundation; always using that favourite shade and make of lipstick, to choosing pastel shades of eye shadow straight out of the 1970s. Our make up lessons in London alert you to some of the most ageing make up habits and show you how to turn back the clock – you’ll be amazed by the results.

Protect against the sun’s harmful rays

Nowadays, most make up has sun protection built in, so wearing make up is in fact a great way of protecting against the sun’s harmful rays. While extra SPF is a must when sun-bathing to protect against skin cancer, even the right make up can help to protect against the ageing effects of sunlight on a daily basis. Joan Collins swears by make up’s anti-ageing sun protection benefits, and while she may or may not be one of your style icons, she certainly doesn’t look like someone who will turn 80 this year! The trick is to know the right products for your skin; the ones which protect without being too heavy, blocking out the sun while giving just the right amount of coverage. We can advise you on the perfect product for you.

Lose pounds and ditch the Botox

Now you think we’re really mad, right? Wrong. Make up really is a powerful tool when you’ve been trained by experts to use it in the right way. Book one of our make up lessons in London and we’ll show you the art of shading with make up. The use of shade and illumination, when done correctly and subtly, can be an instant jowl lifter, face thinner, nose job or wrinkle filler!

Do you now see why we’re evangelical about make up? For teenagers it’s fun, for 20-somethings it’s flirty, while for those in their 30s, 40s and all the way up to the 90s, it can be nothing less than transformative. What could our make up lessons do for you? Contact us through our website at http://www.shikkuuguides.com/ to find out!