What do the Spring/Summer 2014 London menswear collections tell us?

As we’ve mentioned before here on the Shikkuu Guides blog, we definitely don’t think that guys should be left out when it comes to fashion – that’s why we offer personal shopper services in London that are specifically tailored to them, alongside wardrobe reviews and colour consultations. But of course, we aren’t naïve enough to think that we don’t have to fight against a great deal of apathy among some men, who simply don’t realise how much better they could look and feel with the right fashion touches.

So, if you are one of those men or you have a man in your life who could be described in such a way, why don’t we cast a glance towards the catwalks for a bit of easy inspiration? We have recently seen the unveiling of the Spring/Summer 2014 collections of a host of London fashion labels, for example, and there were more than a few innovations on show that have got our seasoned fashion stylists in London excited – such as a tendency towards unisex fashions. Yes, that’s right: unisex is officially no longer the preserve of dodgy barbers, with JW Anderson showing off a men’s halter top that got everyone talking.

Other designers getting in on the unisex craze included Marques Almeida, who collaborated with retailer Opening Ceremony on the launch of a collection of such pieces, while Richard Nicoll worked with artist Linder to similar effect. There’s also definitely some female appeal to the rubber carrier bags covered with brightly coloured felt animals of the collection of Meadham Kirchhoff, with the gender-blending novel of Virginia Wolff, Orlando, a clear influence. Such twisted cute accessories demonstrate how male and female wardrobes are coming closer together, an interesting development for any personal stylist in London.

But those seeking a men style makeover with our help may also be intrigued by the apparent return to fashion of the humble denim jacket. The likes of Rag & Bone, Lou Dalton, Craig Green and Richard Nicoll all showed the possibilities of the garment, with a boxy shape seemingly winning particular favour. The Spring/Summer 2014 menswear on show also indicated a hankering among some designers for the early days of digital, with Christopher Kane, for example, making prints from CAD renderings, including a vectored bare male torso on a hoodie.

There were also signs – would you believe it – that skinny jeans could have soon had their moment, being replaced by more voluminous trousers that are sure to increase shares in textile companies taking the increased fabric orders. There were also many accessories grabbing people’s attentions, some of them weirder than others – Craig Green even serving up some masks. More familiar high street brands, like John Lewis and Topman Design, also fought their corners impressively. It all means that when you contact Shikkuu Guides about that fashion makeover, as a man, you well may have some very exciting decisions to make on your wardrobe for next spring.