Why fashion stylists are becoming so mainstream - even amid a recession

Not so long ago, if a friend of yours suggested getting in touch with a fashion stylist in London, you might have given them a double take. After all, you might have reasoned, you're no catwalk model or rock star! In more recent times, though, chances are that you will have at least stroked your chin in interest. In fact, it may only have been a matter of money which has stopped you getting in touch with a firm like Shikkuu Guides in the first place, mistakenly thinking that their services are the preserve of the wealthy.

However, there's no question of the mainstream nature of fashion stylists in London these days. TV programmes like What Not To Wear and How To Look Good Naked have made the average man and woman more aware of the ways in which they, too, can be so much more confident simply as a result of the right personal fashion choices. Indeed, that word 'personal' is very much the key one, with the emphasis being on clothing that really suits you and flaunts what you are all about, instead of a 'one size fits all' approach.

These days, many of us would even be insulted by the suggestion that only mollycoddled 'stars' should make use of a style advisor in London. The bottom line is that we all deserve to look and feel good, and that's all the more possible when you have someone by your side who carefully considers such factors as your size, body shape and lifestyle in the assembly of the perfect wardrobe for you - and only you. Here at Shikkuu Guides, our services range from personal shopping and personal style and image sessions to wardrobe reviews, colour consultations and make up lessons in London.

"But ah", you might object. "Why should I invest in something as indulgent as a fashion stylist, when I'm not sure whether I'll even have a job next week?" It's true that no company or individual is entirely immune to the economic uncertainty that has prevailed around the UK in recent years, and you may believe that services like ours are something of a vanity investment.

In truth, though, style and confidence really are things that matter in solid, real world terms. People who are constantly smiling and happy and wearing the right things tend to be considerably more successful in life as a whole. Chances are, they have more friends, make a better impression at interviews and get that all-important job. Indeed, you could even ask us for advice on the right clothing and make-up for said interviews! However, personal style matters just as much if you are merely 'hobnobbing' at an art gallery opening or conference, looking for that important next contact.

Plus, we all need a bit of escapism in our lives in tough times, and who wouldn't love the escapism of a complete, personal fashion makeover? It could soon be yours, and at a remarkably competitive price, if you get in touch with the experts at Shikkuu Guides today.