Why should you choose an independent personal shopper?

If you’ve given yourself a few moments to peruse the Shikkuu Guides website, you’ll have hopefully got a basic grasp of what our personal shoppers do. Essentially, in conjunction with our other services like personal styling, make up lessons and wardrobe reviews, our personal shopper in London will work hard to ensure that your wardrobe is firmly 2013, albeit tailored to how you truly want to look, by giving you the complete and well-prepared retail tour of London.

There is, however, another obvious contender in the personal shopper stakes...the personal shopper who is tied to a particular high street store. This is how high street stores have responded to the phenomenon of independent personal shopper services in London, like ours, and taking advantage of this new option is certainly tempting, especially if you have a particular favourite store. However, we would at least give you several caveats before you go for this option.

Firstly, the most obvious point: a high street personal shopper is firmly motivated by the interests of their employer. That means that it is in their interests to get you to spend as much as possible in that given store, and you’ll have probably guessed that this doesn’t necessarily exactly correspond with your own interests. Such a personal shopper is therefore likely to be very familiar with the store’s own ranges, even possibly pairing together the same items for you as they did for their last few clients – who may have had very different requirements to you.

This may mean you come out of the experience with an outfit that may look good enough in isolation, but which isn’t really the perfect match to your own needs or what you might have been hoping for. After all, when you’re spending money not only on a personal shopper but also potentially on a style advisor in London, you’ll want every detail to be perfect. If a particular outfit isn’t quite right, you’ll want your personal shopper to be sufficiently independent to suggest that you look elsewhere first.

This naturally brings us onto the advantages of choosing an independent personal shopper to give you your fashion makeover. Here at Shikkuu Guides, our personal shoppers are perfectly trained to hunt out the clothes and accessories that are an exact match to you and your personal style – and lifestyle. We fully consider such aspects as your body shape, personality, daily lifestyle and, of course, budget. Above all else, we pay attention to your own sense of style, never selecting outfits that you are not comfortable with wearing. Nor are you obliged to spend a single penny if you don’t want to – the affordable fee aside.

Of course, it would be remiss of us to suggest that personal shopper services in London with connections to high stores do not have their benefits. They do – but we’re also confident that you’ll find an independent, tailored service like that of Shikkuu Guides to be the superior option.