Corporate Image & Uniform

Selecting the right uniform and developing the correct image and grooming standards for your staff is critical as they represent your company's image and brand.          

At Shikkuu Guides, we assist your organisation to develop customised, uniform programs consistent with your desired image and your corporate brand. We can also provide interactive and educational workshops for image and grooming.

The appearance of your employees dramatically affects your corporate brand identity and influences how your customers/clients, perceive your organisation.

Well-groomed employees project a sense of confidence to the people they serve. They add to the overall credibility of the organisation they represent.

Selecting their uniforms is as important as selecting your decor. After all, the front line staff creates the first and most lasting impressions with customers and/or guests. We assist managers in selecting the appropriate colours, fabrics, styles, and accessories for uniforms that reflect the image of your business make employees proud, whilst staying within your budget.

Our uniform selection process provides your organisation with a competitive image advantage. With a trained eye and clear understanding of image design, and visual communication, Shikkuu Guides can help you select a uniform and or project the right look that effectively supports your company's image and values.


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